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Tropidolaemus subannulatus

Journal Publications

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bold = lab members; * = corresponding author

Moore JH, Gibson L*, Amir Z, Chanthorn W, Ahmad AH, Jansen PA, Mendes CP, Onuma M, Peres CA, Luskin MS*. 2023. The rise of hyperabundant native generalists threatens both humans and nature. Biological Reviews 98:1829-1844. URL

Hazard QCK, Froidevaux JSP, Yoh N, Moore J, Senawi J, Gibson L*, Palmeirim AF. 2023. Foraging guild modulates insectivorous bat responses to habitat loss and insular fragmentation in peninsular Malaysia. Biological Conservation 281: 110017. URL

Jin Y, Hu S, Ziegler AD, Gibson L, Campbell JE, Xu R, Chen D, Zhu K, Zheng Y, Ye B, Ye F, Zeng Z*. 2023. Energy production and water savings from floating solar photovoltaics on global reservoirs. Nature Sustainability. URL

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Dehaudt B*, Amir Z, Decoeur H, Gibson L, Pereira Mendes C, Moore J, Nursamsi I, Sovie A, Luskin M. 2022. Common palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) are positively associated with humans and forest degradation with implications for seed dispersal and zoonotic diseases. Journal of Animal Ecology 91:794-804. URL

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López-Bosch D, Rocha R, López-Baucells A, Wang Y, Si X, Ding P, Gibson L*, Palmeirim AF*. 2022. Passive acoustic monitoring reveals the role of habitat affinity in sensitivity of sub-tropical East Asian bats to fragmentation. Remote Sensing of Ecology and Conservation 8:208-221. URL | PDF


Ktitorov P, Heim W, Kulikova O, Gibson L*. 2022. Cross the sea where it is narrowest: migrations of Pacific Swifts (Apus pacificus) between Sakhalin (Russia) and Australia. Journal of Ornithology 163:19-26. URL

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Wang X, Feng L*, Gibson L, Qi W, Liu J, Zheng Y, Tang J, Zeng Z, Zheng C. 2021. High-resolution mapping of ice cover changes in over 33,000 lakes across the North Temperate Zone. Geophysical Research Letters 48:e2021GL095614. URL

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Chen Y, Sun Y, Atzeni L, Gibson L, Hua M, Li K, Shi K*, Dudgeon D. 2021. Anthropogenic pressures increase extinction risk of an isolated Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) population in southwestern China, as revealed by a combination of molecular- and landscape-scale approaches. Integrative Zoology 17:1078-1094. URL

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Book Chapters

Koh LP, Kettle CJ, Sheil D, Lee TM, Giam X, Gibson L & Clements GR. 2013. Biodiversity state and trends in Southeast Asia. In: Encyclopedia of Biodiversity (Second Edition):509-527. URL | PDF


Sodhi NS, Gibson L & Raven PH (editors). 2013. Conservation Biology: Voices from the Tropics. Wiley. URL

Media Coverage

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The Conversation. February 23, 2023. Losing a calf to wolves in Sweden hurts. But if lions take one in Uganda, a farming family’s income is gone.

Mongabay. July 14 2022. Small mammals stranded by hydropower dams die out surprisingly fast: study.

The Conversation. December 16 2021. Hydroelectric dams take toll on endangered big cats, study shows.

The Guardian. December 15 2021. How border walls are triggering ecological disaster.


BBC. December 9 2021. Hydroelectric dams linked to tiger and jaguar losses.

Mongabay. December 9 2021. Tigers, jaguars under threat from tropical hydropower projects: study.

SCMP (South China Morning Post). October 13 2018. Educating Hong Kong youth key to stopping ivory trade, elephant charity says.

Mongabay. September 5 2018. Delay in Hong Kong's ivory ban endangers elephants and is 'legally unnecessary'.

SCMP. September 5 2018Delay on full ban of ivory trade in Hong Kong could encourage elephant poaching, study shows.

Science. June 8 2018. China takes new steps to lure science talent from abroad.

Mongabay. December 4 2017. The curious case of the phantom hippo teeth.

ScienceDaily. October 25 2017. Among 'green' energy, hydropower is most dangerous.

The Guardian. October 8 2017. Fatal extraction: how demand for hippos' teeth is threatening them with extinction.

Fox News. October 5 2017. Hippos in danger because of desire for their teeth.

SCMP. August 24 2017. Holes in data for hippo teeth imports point to illegal trade in Hong Kong, HKU study finds.

The Straits Times. February 3 2017. Pitch to use S'pore's Javan mynahs for 'rescue' act.

The Guardian. January 9 2017Let's send home these 'expat' species. Starting with donkeys and rabbits.


Science. January 4 2017. Can escaped pets rescue endangered species?

SCMP. January 4 2017. Hong Kong a sanctuary for cockatoos driven to brink of extinction in native lands.

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The Conversation. September 26 2013. Fragmented forests warn of ecological collapse.

BBC. September 15 2011'No substitute' for virgin forest.

BBC. April 5 2011. Big cats prefer the taste of wild flesh.

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